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Hiroshi Hirata - On the difference between bushi and samurai

These days I’ve been working on how to present little clips of the interviews in this site. It has taken me some time to figure out how to edit the videos, which codecs to use, how to insert the subtitles and then burn them into the video file before uploading… Wow, it has been kind of hard, especially for me: I’m just a translator, not a video expert!
Anyway, I’ve done this to set up the working system I’ll use from now on, and I’m quite satisfied with the results. This is the first interview video I post, and this will be the only one for a little while as I need to select more clips and get approvals from the Japanese side to post them.

In this video, samurai gekiga master Hiroshi Hirata talks about the difference between a samurai and a bushi. It’s really interesting! Hirata, 73, has been living in the Izu peninsula for 20 years or so and he is really a fascinating person, to say the least! I was welcome to this house with my wife and baby daughter, and we even spend the night there, having dinner with the Hiratas, one of their sons and three of their adorable little granddaughters. By the way, you’ll see in the video that Hirata-sensei puts his hand behind his ear all the time. He is quite hearing impaired since he went to Hawaii some years ago and toyed with guns at a shooting range… And he refuses to use any hearing aid! Old stubborn bushi Kōshizaemon-dono! More about Hirata on more posts.

(Also on Vimeo, if you prefer)

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